About I'mdividual

       After two years of ups and downs, a lot of hard work and some amazing encouragement from my family I am so happy to launch I’mdividual, with a core collection of versatile wardrobe essentials.

       When I finally took the plunge two years ago to pursue a lifelong dream to create a womenswear clothing brand, I had no idea of what a rollercoaster journey it would be.  My initial goal was to create a brand that offered well cut pieces, versatile enough to allow room for the individual to style as their own. but I soon realised my goal had to be bigger than this.
       The further into research and study of the fashion industry I went, the more conscious I became of the overwhelmingly negative impact, both ethical and environmental, associated with much of the clothing industry. The exploitation of workers, tragically highlighted by the disaster of Rana Plaza in 2013, the use of hazardous chemicals on crops and in fabric finishing, the numerous microfibers that shed from polyester and other synthetic fabrics during washing and find their way into the ocean and water on our table.
         I realised that as a designer and more particularly as the mother of two young daughters the only way forward was to build a brand with integrity, fully transparent and working to sustainable principles of value, both ethically and environmentally. 
        Please read about our sustainable practices here.

          It has taken a little longer that I planned to get here, but it has been worth it.  I am so grateful to all of you whose enthusiasm and support continues to make it worth it, and leads me to believe that there are lots and lots of us like-minded. 

Own your style with integrity.

 x Olga, Founder of I'mdividual