About I'mdividual

       I’mdividual is a London based womenswear brand that celebrates individuality and style with integrity. We offer core wardrobe essentials, in natural organic fabrics, designed for comfort, longevity and versatility for those of us whose day often demands some expert multi-tasking, a crafty use of time and some slipstreaming between different roles. Well-cut pieces that create flattering silhouettes are totally versatile and can meet the different demands of your day and your style, be that effortless casual, ultra-chic, smart business or special occasion. 

       I’mdividual is a sustainable brand, with a commitment to ethical production, transparency and accountability. All the fabrics in the collection are certified organic (GOTS) or Oeko-Tex 100. We use only natural trims and all garments are stitched with organic cotton thread. Each garment is made with circular design in mind.

        We make everything in London. Please read about our sustainable practices here.

My initial goal was to create a brand that offered well cut pieces, versatile enough to allow room for the individual to style as their own, but I soon realised my goal had to be bigger than this.

The further into research and study of the fashion industry I went, the more conscious I became of the overwhelmingly negative impact, both ethical and environmental, associated with much of the clothing industry. I realised that as a designer and more particularly as the mother of two young daughters the only way forward was to build a brand with integrity, fully transparent and working to sustainable principles of value, both ethically and environmentally. 

I hope that with I’mdividual you can proudly own your style with integrity.

Olga, Founder of I'mdividual